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Darkfield Radio Launches in New Zealand

Darkfield is launching in New Zealand with their new immersive audio experience DOUBLE, opening Tuesday 1 September.

Tickets go on sale Thursday 27 August: click here for more information.

All you need is a mobile device, headphones - and a friend...

Double is an experience for two people, sat opposite each other at a kitchen table or bench top.

Pairs of participants will be replicated in hundreds of rooms across Aotearoa, listening to a simultaneous broadcast over 20 minutes.

**There is only one rule: everyone has to be who they say they are.**

Part of the magic of DOUBLE is the ability for Darkfield Radio to deliver a powerfully riveting experience with just a pair of regular headphones, a mobile phone, and a kitchen table.

The signature of any Darkfield creation is the use of of 360-degree binaural (3D) sound to manipulate the audience's sense of reality, creating an atmosphere that perplexes the senses and casts doubt from inside your own house.

Internationally acclaimed, DOUBLE is the first ever audio-only experience to be part of the official selection for the Venice International Film Festival. Selected as part of the 2020 'Venice VR Expanded' category.

"...unsettling audio that turns your home into a sci-fi dystopia" ★★★★

The Guardian

For more reviews about Double, click here.

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